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What is the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone)?

The ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) covers central London, in the same area as the Congestion Charge and has restrictions on the entry of vehicles that do not comply with certain emissions standards. This means that some older vehicles cannot enter without paying a charge.

Are you ready for the extension to the ULEZ this October 2020?

If you are organising corporate coach hire within London you need to be ready for these changes. Whether you are organising a one off single hire – for example a day out to the theatre or museum, or regular daily contract hire such as school hire – you need to be ready for the changes. Why face paying more – or indeed find a lack of suppliers? Don’t let the new changes alter your plans.

What are the forthcoming changes to the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ)?

The ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) is making its vehicle emissions requirements to be more stringent from October 2020 and this will make it more difficult for non-compliant vehicles to enter the whole of Greater London. These changes will particularly apply to vehicles over a certain age and will mean that those who do not comply will have to pay a daily rate to enter the ULEZ zone. Depending on the age of the vehicle the daily rate charged will be either £100 or £300 and this will affect coach and minibus companies operating within the zone, effectively most of the area within the M25. This rate may be passed onto customers by some operators.

Cruisers have a fully compliant, modern fleet and do not need to burden their customers with these price rises.

Why do the changes in the ULEZ regulations matter?

The daily rate will potentially mean that trips into and around London are more expensive – the consumer hiring the vehicle paying more for their services. In fact, some minibus and coach companies may pull out of the London travel market altogether – as to upgrade existing vehicles could be prohibitively expensive (some estimators are putting the cost from £20000+) and to buy new compliant vehicles is a major investment. Whilst many operators are still not yet tackling this problem head on, Cruisers (www.cruisersltd.co.uk) are already set for the challenge.

What are the new rules associated with ULEZ change?

Cruisers are fully compliant with the new tighter rules. To find out more about the specific technical changes please follow this link.

What are the current and proposed zones for the ULEZ?

For more information on the current and proposed zones for the ULEZ please click on the links below

Congestion charge zone – Transport for London (TFL)
ULEZ Ultimate Guide – Motorway.co.uk

How are Cruisers going to face this challenge?

Cruisers have thought about the process in advance and have a fully compliant, modern fleet. In fact two new coaches are being added to the fleet in April 2020 which means all of their coach hire fleet is compliant.

Map of extended ULEZ Zone from October 2021